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Home » Vietnam information » Vietnam Travel News » October-06

Advertising Vietnam’s tourism, beaches very important

26/09/2006 (GMT+7)

How to effectively advertise Vietnam’s tourism has concerned people, especially since Vietnam set goals to attract a large number of international tourists to the country in the coming years.

Advertising Vietnam’s tourism, beaches very important

With a long shape the country has a lot of beautiful beaches. “Advertising plans for Vietnam’s tourism should focus on attaching the country’s image with its beaches,” is the opinion of different researchers, economists and tourism experts.

 Professor John Quelch, Associate Dean of the Harvard Business School: “Word of mouth is important to advertising Vietnam’s beaches.”

 I am confident that Vietnam will be come the second most well known destination for tourism among ASEAN countries after Thailand. In my opinion, in order to attract more tourists to Vietnam, investing more in advertising is not necessarily the only way. In this case, word of mouth conveyed by tourists who have been to Vietnam seems to be extremely important and effective.

 International events, conferences, meetings that Vietnam has been organising will definitely provide the country good chances to advertise its beaches. For example organising APEC meetings in coastal areas where there are terrific beaches like Da Nang, Hoi An, Ha Long, Nha Trang will be a good way to introduce APEC delegates to the beauty of Vietnam.

 If the APEC summit 2006 in Vietnam is successful, APEC delegates, foreign leaders from 21 APEC member economies will feel satisfied on the organisation. This will help to build up a great reputation for Vietnam’s tourism. Certainly this would be much more effective than any other costly advertising campaign.

 However, long and wonderful beaches, white sand are not everything yet. Vietnam has these things in place but if it doesn’t have enough high-quality hotels, resorts and good infrastructure like airports, roads to meet the needs of tourists. It is very much like an orchestra without music instruments.

Cheap and poor quality hotels and resorts will not help to lure “five-star” tourists to visit these beaches, while the amount such tourists spend in one day would be sometimes 10 times higher than a lower class traveler would do.

 Claude Balland, General Director of Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa: “Vietnam needs to further step up advertising work for its beaches.”

 In my recent trip to Madrid (Spain) and Paris (France) I saw a lot of advertisements to introduce Vietnam’s tourism in conjunction with advertising the beautiful images of beaches. This advertising work was done by Vietnamese tourism companies. Recently many tourists have come back to Vietnam seeking to spend their holidays on the countries beaches. Many of my friends after using the diving service in Cu Lao Cham had very good words about the island. They said the landscape there was much more beautiful than the landscapes of beaches in Thailand.

 So a question then is why Vietnam has not focused on advertising for its beaches in Europe and America where people cannot go to local beaches during wintertime. Westerners are usually very proud of how suntanned their skin is after going back from long holidays in a beach in Asia. So why should we not make the most of the advantages we have? I believe that in the next few years, when mentioning beaches in Asia, people will think of Vietnam. 

Building world-standard beach resorts

 Many tourists have said that Vietnam has the potential to build up good reputation for its beaches, but it has not been done properly. Many of its beaches have been recognised by the world community such as Ha Long, Van Phong, Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, Phu Quoc, Con Dao especially Da Nang was voted as one of the six most attractive beaches in the world by the American Forbes Magazine. However we have not yet find a good way to work on the planning with the view to turning them into world-standard tourism spots.

 An expert from the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) said, Vietnam would never have world standard beaches if the planning work was not done. There should not be poor quality hotels and resorts built next to four or five star ones on these beaches.

 To achieve the goals, the role of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is important. This government body needs to work either by collecting votes or defining best beaches in the country. Afterward, it has to play an active role in proposing to the government for proper comprehensive planning of these areas. The next step would be calling for investment in building high quality hotels, resorts on these beaches.

 As reported, Vietnam is really in need of having a knowledgeable “conductor” who is experienced and capable of working on the issue. Some people even suggest the country to invite international experts to take on the task. Since completing this Vietnam then shall go on with its marketing campaigns to advertise for its tourism industry attached with the images of its beautiful beaches.


 (Source: Tuoi Tre)

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