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Home » Vietnam information » Vietnam Travel News » November-06

A storytelling garden Hoi An

27/11/2006 (GMT+7)

Visiting the ancient town of Hoi An, travelers often opt for home stays for their accommodation. Among the options, Vuon Trau - or betel garden - is often chosen by travelers.

A storytelling garden Hoi An

Vuon Trau is comprised of houses surrounded by a garden of green trees. From the road to Cua Dai Beach, turn right. After your bus winds through the country on the concrete road, you will get off at Vuon Trau.

Vuon Trau is designed to serve as quiet accommodation for travelers visiting the region.

Flowers catch the eye upon entering the compound. There are over 50 kinds of flowers with different colors planted in the garden. And of course, where there are flowers, there are butterflies.

 Wandering the garden, travelers will witness schools of butterflies flying low and high in the calm atmosphere. There are also trees bearing fruits such as guava, jackfruit, pomegranate and plum, among others.

However, betel and areca are the plants highlighted in the garden. Lines of arecas green with leaves are planted along narrow paths paved with orange-brown bricks leading to the houses.

 Moreover, lines of fresh and green betel creeping around the arecas make visitors remember a Vietnamese tale of betel and areca.

Staying there, after being told the tale, travelers will have a chance to taste the traditional custom quid of betel that consists of a piece of areca-nut, a betel leaf with lime spread on it.

 After chewing for a short time, the mouth will turn red! It is not easy for everyone, especially international travelers. However, many curious travelers still want to explore, and taste the local specialty. After a few moments of chewing, they burst out laughing.

Vo Thi Le, Vuon Trau’s owner, said that the garden covers 1,500 square meters and is a heritage from her forefathers of three generations. She and her husband invested some VND600mil to turn it a garden with inns, a swimming pool and other facilities including ADSL Internet.

During their stay in the garden, if travelers are social, they can make friends with the hospitable and friendly locals living around the garden.

Besides, travelers will have a chance to go to the local market to buy food, prepare a meal for themselves and then sit down around a dining table to enjoy dinner in a cozy atmosphere.

A Swedish couple, Susanne and Sarah, shared that they were impressed by the landscape, people, the interesting tale and dinner with the owner. They said they would recommend the garden to their friends.

(Source: SGT)

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