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Home » Vietnam information » Vietnam Travel News » December - 2006

A key factor to create attractive tourism environment

05/12/2006 (GMT+7)

The number of foreign tourists to Vietnam is rising, about 3.6 million this year as estimated. Apart from landscapes and infrastructure sites of the tourism sector such as restaurants, hotels, recreation centres becoming bigger and more modern, there remains another important factor to create an attractive tourism environment – the beauty of the Vietnamese people.

A key factor to create attractive tourism environment

Through the conferences and cultural exchanges of the Vietnam APEC Year, such beauty impressed international tourists. Each Vietnamese is proud and has responsibility towards international events taking place in Vietnam. With national pride, any Vietnamese wants to look after the beauty for the country.

Environmental workers work day and night to clean roads. Shops and restaurants join efforts to clean the environment and some of them volunteered to close their shops for the time being for the conferences.

At T-Junctions or crossroads where residents were stopped to pave the way for priority cars, they had to wait for quite a long time but did not make any complaints. They still gave bright smiles and waved their hands. Everybody showed hospitability in peaceful and friendly setting.

Such good things should be promoted regularly. Hanoi has had an action plan to build elegant and civilised Hanoians. People of all walks of life in the city give positive response to the plan.

Many other cities and towns in the country also attach importance to urban civilised lifestyle, gradually giving up bad habits. Tourist centres attach importance to keeping and promoting good cultural identity, habits and customs. At the same time, negative and outdated factors in traditional culture such as superstition must be abolished. The beauty of the Vietnamese people will become ever more beautiful when they show civilisation, modernity and national culture quintescence.

Many international tourists said in admiration: Vietnam is beautiful and peaceful and the Vietnamese people are hospitable and friendly. The beauty of the Vietnamese people is becoming more and more important factor to create attractive tourism environment.

(Source: ND)

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