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Vietnam food: Enjoying a taste of the west waterway area

22/01/07 (GMT+7)

Vietnam food, there are many dishes with noodle or rice vermicelli as the main ingredient, such as pho (noodle soup) in the north, bun bo Hue (noodle or rice vermicelli with beef in Hue City) in the central and bun ca (noodle or rice vermicelli with fish) in the southwest.

Vietnam food, Pho, Bun bo, bun caBun ca, which originated in Soc Trang Province where the Khmer people live in harmony with Vietnamese, has become a popular dish in the Mekong Delta.

The main ingredients are freshwater fish, salted fish, rice vermicelli and vegetables. All the ingredients are easy to find but many diners comment on the sweet and salty taste of the fish combination.

Vuong Huu Hung, sales manager of Somerset, which is part of the Ascott Group (Vietnam), has been enchanted by bun ca. He said that he was once invited to go to a bun ca restaurant when visiting the countryside.

While enjoying his meal, he found out that bun ca is sold like hot cakes, and decided to bring this special dish to Ho Chi Minh City.

The result is a new bun ca restaurant named Buncamita. Hung explains that 'Buncamita' is the abbreviation of "Bun ca mien Tay" (bun ca in the west), which is easy to remember.

Hung has changed the original taste of the dish a little bit to make it more familiar to the palates of Ho Chi Minh City customers, adding the spicy taste of ginger to the salty taste of fish.

Hung explains that this change balances the yin and yang of the art of eating and drinking. Salted fish is yin while ginger is yang; the combination of the two makes the dish more delicious and ginger is good for health, in particular for digestion.

Protecting the health of diners is important at Buncamita. In addition to being delicious, the bun ca has no chemical spices or ingredients that can cause obesity.

Customers at Buncamita are advised that meals here contain “No meat, no fat and no seasoning powder” and that all drinks and raw food served in Buncamita are from prestigious providers.

And, as a special precaution, the dish-washing area is separate from other areas to assure food hygiene. Finally, Buncamita also attracts guests with the reasonable price of VND21,000 per dish, including a cup of ginger tea.

The attraction of bun ca makes Hung want to take it to regions outside Ho Chi Minh City. "Before becoming the sales manager for one of the biggest groups of office buildings and high-standard residences in Vietnam, I gained six-years experience working for the five-star hotel Marriott International, Inc. Vietnam, including one year building a business plan for their high-grade resort, Princess d'Annam, in Phan Thiet Vietnam. My experience convinces me that bun ca will attract both local and foreign diners. In the future, I plan to introduce this special dish in every province of Vietnam, and other countries' Hung said.

To contribute to this plan, some shareholders with expertise in the tourism and hospitality industry decided to join Hung in promoting the popularity of Buncamita. 

Buncamita is at 51 Le Thi Hong Gam Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

(Source: SGT)

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