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Home » Vietnam information » Vietnam Travel News » January - 07

Vietnam destinations: New attractive destination in Vinh Phuc

12/01/07 (GMT+7)

Tam Dao Joint Stock Company on Sunday officially inaugurated an 18-hole golf course. From now on, golfers and tourists have another address in the really beautiful Fairy Stream valley at the foot of Tam Dao (Three Mounts) to select for their tours.

Vietnam golf, new destination, Vietnam destinations: New attractive destination in Vinh Phuc

It takes tourists nearly two hours to travel by car from Hanoi to the north-western direction to come to the Tam Dao Golf and Resort. The golf course is located in the valley right at the foot of the Three Mounts and surrounded by luxury villas under the green pine trees, meeting the need of tourists with international standards.

The golf and resort on 136 hectares is located in Hop Chau commune, Tam Dao district, about 10 kilometres from the Tam Dao tourist site, which is very convenient for domestic and international tourists to have a rest and play golf. The golf course was built with international standards that allow amateur and professional golfers to train and compete in a proper way.

Dinh Nho Hung, director of the golf course management board said, since the operation of the nine-hole course, the resort has welcomed many foreigners to play golf and have a rest with an average of 100 people a day. Apart from the golf course, the company also builds a restaurant, swimming pools, tennis courts, and a cinema house to meet the diverse needs of tourists.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Former Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan made an interesting comparison: Vinh Phuc province has three mountains of Industry, Agriculture and Service, of which the Industry Mountain is getting brighter and brighter but the tourism Service Mountain is still hidden in the mist. The 18-hole Tam Dao Golf and Resort inaugurated at the place “Where the Heavens and Earth meet” will contribute to “dispelling mist” on the top of the tourism mountain of Vinh Phuc.

“We hope that the whole three mountains of Vinh Phuc Vietnam will be cloudless and develop very well, all for the poor. We also hope the golf and resort will operate effectively, bringing benefits to the enterprise and making the whole region develop more lively for the benefits of the poor,” said Mr Khoan. On the occasion of the inauguration of the golf course and response to the Day for the Poor, Tam Dao Joint Stock Investment Company held a friendly golf tournament to raise money for the poor. Nearly VND 200 million was contributed by golfers, businesses and guests to the grand opening ceremony.

The Tam Dao Golf and Resort has a large golf training ground for amateur and professional golfers to do a warm-up before practising and competing. In addition, a club house on an area of 10,000 square metres was also built in the golf and resort to serve about 250 people at the same time. At present, the Tam Dao golf course has issued member cards with duration of 25 years and 48 years, including individual cards, family cards and company cards.

This is the first golf course and resort in Vietnam totally invested by Vietnamese businesses with a total investment capital of more than VND 400 billion (over VND 200 billion for the construction of the golf course). With a total area of 136 hectares (80ha for the golf course, 56ha for recreation centres and villas, two swimming pools and three tennis courts), the Tam Dao Golf and Resort is expected to attract thousands of people a month, particularly foreigners living and working in Vinh Phuc Vietnam and its neighbouring provinces.

Near the Tam Dao Golf and Resort, tourists can also enjoy extremely beautiful well-known landscapes such as Tam Dao Tourist Site, Tay Thien tourist site, Dai Lai lake and Vac Lagoon resort. The Tam Dao Tourist Site is viewed as one of the most charming landscapes in northern Vietnam with such well-known places as Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall), Xa Huong Lake, Ha Village dam and the primeval forest, which are unforgettable images of tourists after they have chances to visit the site.

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(Source: ND)

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