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Home » Vietnam information » Vietnam Travel News » January - 07

Enjoying the nature of Ba Vi Village

14/01/07 (GMT+7)

About 60 kilometers from Hanoi in the Ba Vi moun-tain chain, is Ba Vi Village, Ha Tay District, well-known ecotourism destination with landscapes such as Khoang Xanh, Ao Vua, Suoi Hai and Ba Vi National Park.

Tourists seeking a restorative tour in this destination can experience Tan Da Spa Resort, located in the foot of Tan Vien Mountain.  Tan Da Spa Resort is designed in the architecture of the houses of ancient Vietnamese people living in the delta of the North.

 From far away, the resort is like an ancient palace with the main gate and the walls made from the dark laterite of Ba Vi Mountain.

 The structure of the villas in the resort is modeled on the houses of Dong Son Bronze Drum. Nine 100-year-old houses were bought and transferred to the resort and placed into four groups.

 The first group, named Dia chu (landlord), has three houses, each having seven compartments, all fully equipped. The second group, named Ong do (scholar), has two houses, each with five compartments and  decorated as homes of Vietnamese scholars of old time, including tea chest, divan, panels and brush and inkslab.

 The other groups, Phu ong (Local rich man) and Trung nong (Middle peasant), have the same decoration. The names of these groups are names used in the old time in the North.

 Furniture in the houses is mostly made from bamboo; however, while the houses may be decorated in a style of ancient times, they are also equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioners and water heaters.

 The rent is from VND700,000 to VND1,800,000 for a house for up to eight persons. There are also 15 newly-built houses next to the swimming pools and spa.

 The houses here are made from samel-brick copying the design of communal houses of the Highlands. The rent of these houses is from VND800,000 to VND900,00 a day. 

The resort offers indoor and outdoor hot springs, and mud baths for individuals or families. Tourists may choose services such as therapeutic mud bath, mud bath with herbal and aromatic spices, dry and wet steam bath, and more.

There are two restaurants to choose from. The outdoor buffet area serves specialties of the villages in the North and the main restaurant serves both Eastern and Western food.

 Tourists may grill suckling pig and steam com lam -  rice cooked in bamboo tubes under burning charcoals - and enjoy their self-made meal with Tan Da wine in a house on stilts situated near the forest.

 The resort also has club named Khu Da Ong, where tourists can sing karaoke or play sports such as billiard, tennis, darts, and badminton.

Tan Da Spa Resort is located in Ba Vi District, Ha Tay Province

(Source: SGT)

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