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Co Ba Cho Duoc market festival, typical cultural characteristics

16/02/07 (GMT+7)

Annually, when spring comes, thousands of people inside and outside Quang Nam central province flock to Duoc market in Binh Trieu, Trang Binh to join a traditional ceremonial procession and many other sports activities to pray for the best wishes for a new year. Tri Loi writes

Co Ba Cho Duoc market festival

A story is told that Ms Cho Duoc named Nguyen with taboo name Cua was a girl born on 25 February 1799 into a rich family in Dai Cuong commune, Dai Loc district.

On the day when she was born, there was a strange omen; deep blue smoke and white clouds engulfed the whole region. When she grew up, she became an extremely beautiful and gentle girl. She worked as an herbal doctor to make medicines to save numerous lives.

On 19 November 1818 when she was only 19 years old, she passed away and the locals built a temple to worship her. Despite being dead, she would after appear miraculously to give herbal medicines to save people.

The story also tells that in the fifth Tu Duc year, she passed the region, seeing the charming landscapes; she told the locals to build a market and named the village Phuoc Am. After a short period of time, the region became busy with many people having come to settle down and enrich themselves. The locals called it Duoc (it means that you get what you wish for) Market.

The Truong Giang river also became a waterway for the locals to boat goods to Gia Dinh (former name of Ho Chi Minh City) and Dong Nai province. Now, her tomb is still annually worshipped at Ai Nghia town, Dai Loc district.

The Ba Cho Duoc (Ms Duoc Market) festival takes place in the evening after elderly people in the village complete the rituals at her tomb. Offerings are all rice cakes.

While the market is busy at night, the boat racing festival on the Truong Giang (Long River) is very exciting in the daytime. The competition attracts racers from other localities such as Hoi An, Duy Xuyen, Dai Loc and Nui Thanh. It is really a tough competition.

The traditional Cho Duoc market is annually organised in memory of Ms Ba Cho Duoc by the local authority with a view to turning Quang Nam into a more attractive destination.

(Source: ND)

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