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True Value in Travel

What we stand by

Footprint's mission is to create True Value in Travel! With over ten years of experience we have learned a lot. We have learned that to truly increase the value in travel we, the tour company, first has to ensure that our trips are valuable to you - our guests!

Second, and maybe more importantly, our tours must bring value to the small local economies and communities that we bring you to. We also strongly believe that what we do must bring excellent value to our international partners, and of course our Footprint Team and families! 

We have been doing this for a long time now, and continually strive, year by year, to do better. To bring increased value to the locals and destinations we visit we have taken the lead, founded, and partnered with national and international NGOs. We have facilitated training and capacity building projects. And, we have tried to create tours that involve the locals through cultural exchanges, as well as protect and conserve the local heritage and natual environment.