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Huyen Luong (Hanna)


Huyen L (Hanna L) - Travel Consultant & Quality Supervisor

Bachelor of Tourism Degree

Experience: 5 years as a Footprinter

Huyen or her lovely nick name Hanna, is proud to be the shortest and the most fiery person in the Footprint family. She finished her tourism studies years ago and knows that she has found the right choice in tourism. "Travel is a spirit of life, I'm married to travelling and I can't never live without him", says Hanna. She works hard daily on her work to complete the tasks assigned and is always willing to do more than given - this is what she calls her personal value. Her team spirit is very high and she believes in "working hard and playing harder".

Connect with Hanna

My first destination when going out of the office will be, again and again, Ha Long Bay. For many tourists, this place is like something right out of a movie - I love movies too. The fact is that Halong Bay features a wide range of biodiversity, while the surrealistic scenery has indeed featured in so many movies. I hate being in Halong in the dirty water with lots of litter and garbage. I wish everyone involved in the tourism circle in Halong would be more aware of the value that this land has to give. I is sad to say that we might have already taken too much from Halong.

If I was a traveller setting off to the center of Vietnam, I would extend my stay, for sure, in Hoian. This place is not only famous for the ancient streets, but also as a great mark of history as the largest trading port in South East Asia in the 17th century. I especially like Hoian because of the mix old town and nice beaches.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of Saigon, the Mekong delta leaves me with a good feeling every time I go. The greenness, the lushness, and the friendly people is what does it for me. It's interesting to see the locals make their living off the water. I specially like being on the small local row boat making my way along the canals with the fruit and bonsai gardens on both sides.