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Footprint Team

Very nice to meet you!

    The Footprint staff are like on big Vietnamese family. Most of us went to University together, and now some of us have even had families together. From the moment we get a request on a trip we strive, in true Vietnamese spirit, to bring you in as part of the Footprint family. We are pleased to introduce to you, our Footprint-Team! You can also follow us on Facebook if you like.


    Thanh N - Co Founder, Sales & Human Resources

    Follow Thanh on Facebook

    Bachelor of Tourism Degree
    Experience: 12 years in the Industry, 8 years as a Footprinter.
    As one of the co-founders and senior managers, Thanh is forced to be the one to keep...

    More about Thanh


    Hang L - Travel Consultant

    Follow Hang on Facebook

    Bachelor of Tourism Degree
    Experience: 4 years as a Footprinter
    Hang has been in the tourism industry for almost 4 years in 2010 and she loves it. She loves it because travel connects people from different ...

    More about Hang


    Son D - Co-Founder & Product Manager

    Follow Son on Facebook

    Bachelor of Tourism Degree
    Son is the Footprint motivator of the duo. His work ethic is unsurpassed. With drive, desire, determination and discipline, Son co-created Footprint and...

    More about Son


    Hanh N - Cashier 

    Follow Hanh on Facebook

    Bachelor of English
    Hanh was born in Viet Tri town, just close to the temple of Vietnam's first King named Hung. She's currently working as an assistant for tour operation...

    More about Hanh


    Tra N - Travel Consultant

    Follow Tra on Facebook

    Bachelor of Tourism Degree
    Experience: 6 years as a Footprinter
    A graduate from Hanoi Open University, Faculty of Tourism, Footprint has become a place for Tra to pursue her studies. She loves her field as it involves both...

    More about Tra


    Hanna L- Travel Consultant & Quality Supervisor

    Follow Hanna on Facebook

    Bachelor of Tourism Degree
    Experience: 5 years as a Footprinter

    Huyen or her lovely nick name Hanna, is proud to be the shortest and the most fiery person in the Footprint family. She finished her tourism studies 3 years...

    More about Hanna


    Hien P - Product & Operation Supervisor

    Follow Hien on Facebook

    Bachelor of Tourism Degree
    Experience: 3 years as a Footprinter
    A go-getter with bundles of enthusiasm, Hien is one of the youngest members of the Footprint family. She is the first person you see when you walk ...

    More about Hien


    An V - Accountant and Travel lover

    Follow An on Facebook

    Bachelor of Economics
    An accountant never trained in tourism. Nevertheless, Footprint and Footprints many international visitors have inspired her to travel. And travel...

    More about An


    Tam D - IT Specialist and Web design

    Follow Tam on Facebook

    Information Technology Diploma
    Tam is the youngest member of the Footprint team as well as one of the hardest workers. She is one of the people who works behind the scenes ensuring that...


    More about Tam


    Hoa D - Travel Consultant 

    Follow Hoa on Facebook

    Bachelor of Tourism Degree; Bachelor of Italian Language Studies
    Experience: 6 years in the tourism industry
    With all of her talents and skills, Hoa has worked for many tourism companies in Vetnam, but has found a new home with Footprint...

    More about Hoa

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