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Hoa Dang

Hoa-Footprint Hoa Dang - Travel Consultant

Bachelor of Tourism Degree; Bachelor of Italian Language Studies

Experience: 6 years in the tourism industry

With all of her talents and skills, Hoa has worked for many tourism companies in Vetnam, but has found a new home with Footprint. She is hard working, loves languages, and travel. It didn't take very long for Hoa to fit in witht the Footprint Team, within only a few hours she was link a member of the family. She has worked on a few of Footprint's marketing projects including a filming project in Ha Long Bay.

Connect with Hoa

Hoa's very favorite place to visit in Vietnam is Ha Giang. She finds the mountains inspirational and peaceful. "A journey to the North is worth every bit of effort. Although it is far off the beaten path, Ha Giang offeres visitors a chance to see things beyond their imaginations."

Halong Bay and Halong City is also one the best places to visit in Vietnam. Especially the Ha Long piers are an excellent place to spend some time. It is a peaceful place even though there is a lot of energy with the boats coming in and out. Sitting and watching the world go by from the piers or from one of the boats is an enlightening experience.