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Hanh Nguyen


Hanh N - Cashier 

Bachelor of English

Hanh was born in Viet Tri town, just close to the temple of Vietnam's first King named Hung. She's currently working as an assistant for tour operations and as the Footprint cashier. She loves getting the chance to talk with many different travel suppliers as she goes about her day's responsibilities. Her thoughts on travel: "I learn more about life and live a better life through travel, I really feel that travelling is a kind of medicine that can take my stresses away and I feel so relieved when I travel." 

Connect with Hanh

Sapa and its surroundings is my favorite destination. I've come there a few times and have also spent my honeymoon there. My husband also liked it very much with me. There are lots of things aside from the beautiful landscapes that are awaiting discovery. I love the people and their simple and traditional life which is totally in contrast to our lives here in the city. I wish that they could keep their traditions and customs for their children and the future generations.

Da Nang is my love and my first love to marriage was also from here. I now have more time to discover this lovely city because I travel there very often. The delicious food and lovely beaches would be the two things that attract me most here. However, I can't wait to go back there soon to be with my my parents in-law and enjoy the beaches.