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Voting for Halong Bay, Priding of Vietnam

2011-10-25 (GMT + 7)

New Open World will announce New Seven Wonders of the World on November 11, 2011, under a campaign launched by it in order for people worldwide to vote for new wonders of the world. So far, more than one million messages have been sent to 147 voting for the Halong Bay as a new wonder of the world.

Pham Minh Chinh, the secretary of the Quang Ninh Province Party Committee, said that many forms of voting for the Halong Bay would be applied in the final stage. Among these would be messaging, which is an easy way to vote for Halong as a new wonder of the world.

Chinh said that Quang Ninh Province would continue investing in tourist projects and ensure the environment in the bay to make it a really attractive and impressive destination of Vietnam tour for domestic and foreign visitors.

Each and every Vietnamese citizen or those who love Vietnam can make part in getting Halong reach the title "New Wonder of the World" by voting at the website or dial + 1.869 760.5990 and press 7712 to vote for Halong. They can also compose a text message (Halong) and send it to 147. Now is the most important time to show Vietnam's efforts made during the last three years.

The National Steering Committee on World Wonder Propaganda and Voting Encouragement got together with ministries, central and local authorities and organizations to call on people to vote for Halong and present the wonderful place to people at home and abroad. This explains why the Halong Bay has always been in a high position among the 28 wonders of the world that went to the final round.

In the first nine months of this year alone, the Halong Bay received almost three million foreign visitors, marking a 25 percent increase from the same months last year. UNESCO twice acknowledged the bay as a world natural heritage site. In the event that the Halong Bay gains recognition as a new wonder of the world, Vietnam will certainly become one of the most attractive destinations in the world and the national name will be improved. Opportunities are nearing depending on each and every citizen who will vote for the bay.

Source: VEN

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