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Vietnam tourism gear up for 2012 tourism year

2011-11-17 (GMT + 7)

To prepare for this important year, Vietnam tour operators in the region have come up with many innovations to develop tourism and create a link with other regions in the future.

Hoang Tuan Anh, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, once said the central coastal region from Thua Thien – Hue to Binh Thuan held a special position in Vietnam's tourism map.

"The region has special natural resources, including the world's cultural heritage sites and a great diversity of eco-system and environment," said Anh.

According to the Minister, the region's tourism potentials were undertapped.

All major operators have agreed to establish a network; they considered it a vital matter for the sector's development. Yet, up to now they have not found a really competent "conductor of the show".

Director of the Kim Lien International Tour Operator Phan Duc Man said even now his company did not have its own trade mark to promote the company's image in the domestic and foreign tourism market.

He didn't know where he could get the support in the application of the trade mark.

Man suggested that tour operators in the region sit together and discuss the establishment of a regional tourism management board.

"The manager of the board should be a member from the Central Tourism Board," Man said.

"Whatever we do is to attract more tourists to the region."

However, in his opinion, a very important factor in tourism development is to raise the awareness of the community, including Government officials.

Director General of the Mekong International Travel Company Nguyen Minh Thu wanted to have a network established among tour operators and travel agents.

"The seamless tourism co-operation will make us strong," Thu said

"This is the way for us to increase our benefits and reinvest in our business and make it sustainable."

In her point of view, "Tourism is the glue that makes people feel closer to each other and enjoy a good time together. Tourism is an opportunity to sell local products."

Cao Tri Dung, director of the Vietnam Travel Joint Stock Company, proposed a cluster of tours in the central coastal region similar to that of the heritage sites in the region.

"The tour could start from Da Nang-Quy Nhon and end in Nha Trang," Dung said.

He said the Da Nang–Nha Trang flight route was already in operation.

"If it is possible, the flights between Hue-Nha Trang and Da Nang–Quy Nhon should increase. This is an important factor enabling the tourists to visit more sites in the region within a few days," said Dung.

He also suggested the development of the homestay tour to fishing villages, as many people living along the coastal line lived on fishing.

Vietnam hopes to turn the tourism industry into an important and dynamic economic sector in 2011– a major player in the national economic development.

Source: VietNamNet

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