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Vietnam and Thailand promote bilateral tourism

2010-04-12 (GMT + 7)

A million travelers from both countries will visit Vietnam and Thailand over the next five years under a joint tourism promotion campaign.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is carrying out programs to help Vietnamese and Thai tourism agencies promote their services in Thailand, a representative from the authority said at a meeting Friday last week in Hanoi. The goal had been agreed upon by the two governments.
Thailand will continue its “Wonderful Thailand” campaign launched in 2008. This year, the campaign will offer more treatment and garden tours, and grant special offers and prizes to the first 1,000 Vietnamese tourists.
Around 360,000 Vietnamese residents visit Thailand every year, while a little more than 100,000 visit Vietnam.

2010- National year tourism, we hope that more and more tourists will travel to Vietnam.

(Source: thanhniendaily)

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