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Vietnam Travel operators scramble to provide 1,000 year anniversary tours

2010-09-27 (GMT + 7)

ImageTravel agents in Ho Chi Minh City are making active preparations for Vietnam tours to the capital city of Hanoi during its 1,000 year anniversary. Many Vietnam travel agents say they have been working with Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific for airfare booking since early this year.

The Vietnam travel agents have also tried to ensure food, drink, transport and accommodation services for visitors to avoid the possible room rush that might come with the celebration.
Representatives from tourist companies in Ho Chi Minh City, including Vietravel and TST Tourist, said their firms had to open more tours to Hanoi than planned to meet sharply increasing demand.
Under the theme of “The 1,000 Year Anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi”, the tours will bring visitors to Hanoi’s famous places and give them a chance to enjoy the national sacred moment falling at 6:00am on October 10 when all temples, pagodas and schools nationwide ring bells to kick off the festival.
The trips will be an occasion for tourists to attend special activities such as Hanoi gastronomy festivals, an art programme named “Thang Long-Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Times”, kite-flying festivals and performances of art troupes.
A package tour is designed to last for four to six days, mostly by air, and costs each visitor between VND6 million and VND10 million. Many of the trips will take visitors to landscapes in Halong, Ninh Binh province and Sapa in Lao Cai Province.
Ly Viet Cuong, Director of Nam Phuong Tourist, said his firm has arranged caravan tours for entrepreneurs in Ho Chi Minh City, in which they will drive cars by themselves from the southern metro through Truong Son trails to Hanoi. During the journey, they can meet with businesspeople in Gia Lai province, Halong and Hue to explore cooperation opportunities.
Unlike traditional tours to the northern region, trips for the 1,000 year anniversary will bring travelers to historical relics such as the Hanoi-Trang An-Hoa Lu ancient capital (for four days), Hanoi-Yen Tu-Halong-Ninh Binh (for four days) and Hanoi-Phu Tho-Ninh Binh-Bac Ninh-Halong (for six days).

Source: DTiNews

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