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Vietnam Travel Cooperation Boosted

2010-10-21 (GMT + 7)

In recent years, Vietnam travel and Germany have promoted several tourism programmes. According to Ms Hoang Thi Diep, Deputy Director General, Vietnam Tourism Administration, the two countries have made the best use of available resources to improve their tourism image worldwide.

With the slogan: “To be a reliable friend and partner of all countries,” Vietnam travel have been proactively integrating with the region and the world. In recent years, Vietnam has maintained high growth rates. The government regards tourism as a spearhead sector of the economy and has asked all related authorities to develop the potential and resources to promote tourism. In 2008-2009, tourism of Vietnam, Germany and worldwide confronted the challenge of the global economic recession. However, in late 2009 Vietnam tourism started its recovery and continued its growth in 2010, being listed among the world’s fastest growing economies. In the first nine months of 2010, the number of foreign tourists increased to over 3.7 million, equivalent to that of the whole year of 2009, or 34.2 % more than that of the same period last year, among them 111,000 German tourists with 21,000 from Berlin. Vietnam is becoming a favourite destination for German and European tourists. Likewise, in the first nine months of 2010, the number of Vietnamese tourists visiting Berlin also increased. Germany has been an attractive destination for Vietnamese to come as tourists and to visit their relatives. The Vietnam Tourism Administration development strategy focuses on cooperation with the EU, with Germany as an important partner. The number of tourists between the two countries continues to increase, each regarding the other as a key destination. German tourist companies consider Vietnam among their Top Ten, a new market with diverse destinations to offer. According to Ms Nguyen Thanh Huong, Deputy Director of the Tourism Market Department, the two countries have launched many tourist cooperation programmes in recent years. In October 2001, Vietnam and Germany issued a Joint Statement on Tourism Cooperation with several agreements signed by businesses of the two countries. Tourist Associations of the two countries signed a cooperation agreement in May 2003. Since then, Vietnam travel launched several promotion activities in the German market such as the annual Berlin International Tourist Fair (ITB). Germany is among the Top Ten markets sending tourists to Vietnam, some 96,000 tourists a year and the number continues to increase. Most major tourist companies such as Thomas Cook, TUI, One World and Wikinger are operating in Vietnam with increasing tourist numbers. The long Vietnam tours offer adventure, resort and cultural discovery in the three parts of Vietnam, and culminate in several days of relaxation in coastal areas, including Mui Ne – Phan Thiet with attractive wilderness areas drawing many German tourists. In particular, in Hanoi in May 2010, Berlin tourism and airport organized an exhibition introducing to Vietnamese partners and customers the tourism potential and new airport of Berlin. According to German airlines, the number of passengers has increased sharply. In 2009, Berlin airport received 21 million passengers. The number will increase to 22 million in 2010 and will help Berlin overcome the economic recession. Consequently, the German government, Berlin authorities and investors have decided to build a new airport called BBI (Brandenburg International Airport or Berlin airport) with a capacity of 27 million passengers and upgradeable to 45 million passengers a year. It will start operating on October 30, 2011, replacing the two existing airports. At the same time, a series of flights will be opened; new sub-ways and highways connecting with neighbouring countries will be developed, Berlin airport will be one of ten biggest in Europe. Mr Burkhard Kieker, Director of Management Board of Berlin Tourism said that tourism cooperation between Vietnam and Germany will develop vigorously when Berlin airport is completed, with direct flights between Hanoi and Berlin. For her part, Ms Nguyen Thanh Huong disclosed that Vietnam will invite a high-ranking delegation from German Ministry of Economy to travel to Vietnam and discuss developing the Joint Statement on Tourism Cooperation between the two countries to exchange experience and promote tourism. (Source :VCCI)

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