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Various activities to take place during the Halong Tourism Week

2012-04-10 (GMT + 7)

The Halong Tourism Week will take place from April 24th to May 2nd in Halong City with varied special and interesting cultural, sports and tourism activities, according to the Provincial People’s Committee at recent press conference to announce the Halong Tourism Week.

halong-tourism-weekThis annual event is to mark the Liberation Day of the coal-mining Province of Quang Ninh (April 25th), the South Vietnam’s Liberation Day and National Unity (April 30th) and the World Labour Day (May 1st), and at the same time popularise cultural values as well as landscapes in Quang Ninh Province to Vietnamese and international visitors.

The Halong Tourism Week 2012 will be the harmonious combination between traditional and modern cultural features, such as, spiritual cultural tourism, sea and islands tourism, “Black Gold” region tourism, to name a few. Besides, there will be 13 main activities during the Week: the opening ceremony of the Best Master of Ceremonies about Halong, Festival for Dance groups and pairs, exhibitions on antiques and souvenirs and so on.

The Culture Week´s highlight is the Carnival Halong 2012, themed “Quang Ninh – Convergence and Diffusion”, to take place at Halong Street with the participation of more than 3,800 models, Misses, and professional artists and over 3,200 amateur artists, ethnic people and workers in the locality.

As scheduled, New7Wonder Organisation on May 1st will present official icon of a New Natural Wonder for Halong, which has just been officially recognised as one of the seven new wonders of nature.

The opening ceremony of the Halong Tourism Week 2012 will be broadcast live on Vietnam Television Channel 1 and 4 and Quang Ninh Television on May 1st. Also on the occasion, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful 15-minute firework display.

Source: QDND

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