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Tranquil beaches by winding road

2009-12-11 (GMT + 7)

Lo Dieu and Tan Thanh are among the little known beaches in Binh Dinh Province but are truly rewards for travelers who dare to overcome the tough, winding road sections as well as the breathtaking passes to reach the sites in remote communes of the central province.

Lo Dieu and Tan Thanh are accessible by motorcycle or car from Bong Son Town on National Highways 1A, a beginning point of a coastal road that runs by these two beaches and other obscure but tranquil beaches in the province.

Nestled in a small hamlet between two passes named Lo Dieu, the beach of the same name in Hoai My Commune looks like a giant bow and its yellow sand tempts sea lovers to at least sit or lie leisurely on the beach or else jump into the turquoise waters.

As the beach is rather remote, it is quiet most the year round except for Lunar New Year holiday, or Tet, when locals and visitors from Bong Son put on parties on the beach in the late afternoon to enjoy local foods and the joys of the biggest holiday of Vietnam.

We did not have any party during our visit to Lo Dieu Beach over the weekend as we arrived after breakfast and before noon, so it was not an appropriate time to have a party. Furthermore, we had a long way ahead and more beautiful beaches to explore.

We got into our hired nine-seat car after touching down on the sand and taking photos to move on to other unspoiled beaches along the way, a drive that put a few of our group to sleep. But, they were awakened when our car ran over some holes on some sections of the road.

After traveling more than 50 kilometers of rough road we reached Tan Thanh, a beach that can attract both sea lovers and those who are afraid of the scorching ocean side sun. Breezes from the ocean welcome all visitors.

Tan Thanh Beach is bounded by lines of pine trees, naturally creating a wonderful area for visitors to take a siesta or rest while listening to the gentle waves clapping against the shore and the bells hung on the cows and oxen grazing the weeds in the far distance.

For lovers of swimming in the sea, they cannot miss their chance at Tan Thanh Beach to cool down, shrug off the tiredness and be revitalized after hours of sitting in a car.

There are no showers here and some may be scared of not being able to rinse their skin with fresh water after the sea water. Never mind. A good towel and a change of clothes is enough to be comfortable on the way to Quy Nhon City for a proper bath.

Before leaving Tan Thanh, ask the locals to point out the mountain whose peak has a boulder that looks like a woman waiting for her husband. Visitors can see this landmark attraction even from the car on the way to Quy Nhon, the capital city of Binh Dinh Province.

Source: VietNamNet/SGT



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