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The 2013 Danang International Fireworks Competition

2013-04-26 (GMT + 7)

The 2013 Da Nang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC 2013) involves teams from the USA, Russia, Japan, Italy and the host team Da Nang-Viet Nam.  The event will take place on 29 and 30 April in Da Nang, and its theme this year is ‘Love for the Han River’. 

The teams want to thrill local and visiting spectators with their spectacular fireworks displays which will light up the sky over the Han River.  The audience will be delighted with the spellbinding colours and the thrilling explosions, along with melodious background music.  Here are the fireworks show scripts for the foreign teams that were unveiled yesterday.

This is the first time that Russia’s Centre of Fireworks “Khan” has participated in an Asian competition.  With the their theme of “Russian Souls”, the team hopes to thrill the audience with the enchanting melodies of popular songs from Russia and around the world, and intriguing shapes to paint in the sky.  The visiting team said that they will put their hearts into their performance, and feel confident that they will satisfy the spectators with their wonderful lighting effects, colourful fireworks, and lovely background music.

This is the third time that Team Italy has attended the event.  Parente Fireworks Company’s show has the theme “Feelings of the River” which was created by Mr Antonio Parente.  The Italian team will have very different performance characteristics from those of their rivals.  Their background music will be mainly instrumentals from different genres including New Age, electro, waltz and auditorium.  It will depict the journey of the Han River from source to mouth.  Spectators will be deeply impressed by the beautiful melodies as well as the incredible fireworks display by this team.

Team Tamaya Kitahara from Japan is appearing at this event for the second time.  They boast a harmonious combination of traditional pyrotechnic technologies and the latest choreography in their fireworks displays.  Thanks to these, the team has won many prizes at fireworks competitions in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other regions of the world.  Their performance at this year’s DIFC will reflect the impressive images of a garden showcasing unique Japanese cultural values, and it will be full of joy and excitement.  They are expected to thrill spectators of all ages.  Watching their performance will be like stepping into a colourful garden which lights up the night sky.  Team Japan is predicted to make their mark at the festival with their outstanding performance.

The other new participant is Team USA - Melrose Pyrotechnics.  They are well-known for their professional performances to lively music, and their performance at this year’s event is expected to enchant the audience with love songs dedicated to the Han River.  Themed “The Girl in Good Shape Tonight”, their performance will praise the beauty of the Han River with its diversified musical genres.

Source: Danang Today

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