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Thai Nguyen with tourist development projects

2010-08-13 (GMT + 7)

Recently, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and tourism of Vietnam(MOCST) already approved the project of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Thai Nguyen province People’s Committee, scheming the national tourist destination of Nui Coc pond, one priceless tourist destination of the North East. Besides, Thai Nguyen province also is now preparing for many other key important projects.

The project of scheming the national tourist destination of Nui Coc pojnd to become a tourist zone is one of the key projects having strategy of the Thai Nguyen Province People’s Committee on the tasks of developing socio-economic development. The projects last up to 2020, accordingly, the Tourist destination of Nui Coc pond will have the area of 190km2, the population of 44.000 including 8 communes, and one town. Thai Nguyen province is now proposing the MOCST to soon determine to submit the Prime Minister to approve Nui Coc tourist destination to be the key national tourist destination.
The tourist destination of Nui Coc pond for having big  potentials in tourism and currently we have taken use partially, therefore, the MOCST also have ideas that the scheme of this tourist destination to be the tourist zone in the future is necessary and need doing soon.
The Thai Nguyen province People’s Committee is now cooperating with Vinh Phuc province to prepare to implement the project of constructing the project of building the trans-tunnel of Tam Dao, to connect with two tourist destinations of Tam Dao of Vinh Phuc and Nui Coc pond of Thai Nguyen. Currently with Vinh Phuc are now waiting for specific decisions of hosting agencies and then making detailed schemes to implement.
Thai Nguyen already had the project of constructing the component of industrial, agricultural, urban and service zones of Yen Binh with the area of 8 thousand of ha, with the population of 235 thousands of people. Thai Nguyen will combine with Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang provinces, scheme the ATK zone to connect 3 provinces of Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan-Tuyen Quang. These two projects will make great contributions to developing tourism of Thai Nguyen province with hoping to attract more and more tourists travel to Vietnam in general and Thai Nguyen beauty spots in particular.
Another project is going to be constructed by Thai Nguyen province which is the project of international tea in 2011.
For specific projects which are being prepared to implement, Thai Nguyen is trying efforts to exploit better potentials and through that changing the image of Vietnam travel industry, making important contributions to socio-economic development of the province.

(Source: Cinet)


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