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Tastes of Europe inspire Vietnam

2013-05-06 (GMT + 7)

The 7th edition of Food&Hotel Vietnam (FHV 2013) in Ho Chi Minh City closed its doors after three successful days filled with new aroma and tastes.

tastes_of_EuropeThis year, a special flavor was added by the European Union’s stand where 12,394 visitors of the FHV 2013 had the chance to explore quality European products and to experience their unique taste during the three days of the fair.
European producers presented a broad choice of renowned meats, cheeses, olive oils, fruits, vegetables and wines from several EU countries such as Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK. This was an opportunity for EU producers to meet Vietnamese food professionals and to secure business deals and potential connections.
Several presentations given by the EU producers and thematic workshops were applauded as they helped broaden people’s understanding of characteristics and specific methods for production of meat, dairy products, extra virgin olive oil and wine. In addition to the fair, the European Union’s seminar on Geographical Indication (GI) systems in Ho Chi Minh City achieved great success with about 64 Vietnamese importers, distributors and retailers attending.
"The participation of the European Union for the first time at the FHV2013 is an important signal for the Vietnamese and European producers to promote quality in increasing international market,” said Silva Rodriguez from the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission.
Source: VEN

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