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Quang Ninh Travel to go up from MICE

2010-09-24 (GMT + 7)

Many developed countries consider MICE a key tourism form of the sector. In Vietnam, MICE tourism has just been introduced for several recent years, however, it saw a significant advance. Being endowed with marvellous landscape and facilitated tourism infrastructure, Quang Ninh possesses favourable conditions to promote this tourism form.

MICE, which is short for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions, is capable of creating much greater revenue over other tourism forms. MICE clients include luxurious guests, businessmen, politicians and those who do not hesitate to pay for the best services and convenience. Quang Ninh and an increasing number of other provinces have been concentrating on developing MICE tourism. That MICE tourists are recently flocking to Halong Bay opens a promising opportunity for Quang Ninh travel.
Halong has great potentials to speed up MICE tourism, said Ms. Lam Phuong Quan, Executive Director of the Chinese Guangxi Travel Company. Halong is home to the world heritage site of Halong Bay, beautiful beaches, a wide range of hotels…, which would help draw MICE tourists, she added.
Many Vietnam tour operators in Quang Ninh have gained efficiency in exploiting MICE tourism. There, in fact, have been numerous seminars, conferences at national and international levels sucessfully organised at Halong’s hotels, namely Novotel Halong, Saigon – Halong, Tuan Chau International Resort… These hotels attempt to improve their services, accommodations, event-organising capabilities, high-class meeting halls… aiming at MICE segment.
Apart from overseas MICE visitors, the influx of Vietnamese ones to Quang Ninh is also visible. According to Ms. Dinh Bich Hanh – Sales Manager of Halong Pearl Hotel, in the last two years, many domestic companies as well as foreign enterprises in Vietnam have arranged travelling-meetings in the city of Halong. She revealed the hotel has received some 25 MICE groups in the first half of this year.
It can be said that Quang Ninh travel has a great chance to develop MICE tourism and this would play an important part in tourism development strategy of the province. In spite of such facilitated conditions, the northeastern province faces considerable challenges in order to make the dream come true and achieve sustainable development. There are still a lot of things to do as improving high quality services, material facilities, developing more shopping areas, leisure & entertainment sites… Furthermore, uncontrolled price raising, cheating, deceptive doings by some tourist businesses should also be eliminated.
It is hopeful those weaknesses would be soon fixed to turn Quang Ninh travel into a fascinating destination to MICE tourists.
Source: Quang Ninh Newspaper

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