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Quang Binh in central Vietnam awaits visitors

2011-05-30 (GMT + 7)

Quang Binh Province in central Vietnam has several places of interest for visitors and tourists to discover, from world-renowned caves to mountains, forests, beaches and cultural-historical sites.

Quang Binh is becoming a hot spot for traveler to Vietnam tour. The province’s tourist attractions are notably mountains, forests and caves. The cluster of Phong Nha, Tien Son, Thien Duong and Son Doong caves in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which won worldwide recognition in July 2003, are of particular interest. However, only Phong Nha, Tien Son and Thien Duong have been opened to visitors.

With a length of 13 kilometers, Phong Nha Cave consists of 14 smaller caves with the heights ranging from 10-40 meters, which were formed by an underground river. Many beautiful stalactites hang down at its entrance and the scenery becomes mystical deeper inside. To enter the cave, tourists must use a boat and a torch. Cave researchers from the United Kingdom’s Royal Geographical Society previously asserted that Phong Nha ranks first globally in this area, with seven top positions: The longest wet cave, the highest and widest entrance, the biggest cave, the widest and most beautiful sandy yard, the most beautiful underground lake, the most splendid stalactites, and the best music inside the cave.

Above Phong Nha Cave is Tien Son Cave, also called the “dry cave,” which is a group of caves with diverse shapes.

Meanwhile, Thien Duong Cave (Paradise Cave) is considered even more beautiful and interesting than Phong Nha and Tien Son caves. According to British cave researchers, this cave is located on a group of limestone mountains at an altitude of 191 meters and surrounded by the primeval forest of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park world natural heritage site, with the record length of 31.4 kilometers and a roof as high as 100 meters. It is among the world’s top caves in terms of the beauty of stalactites. This cave was discovered in 2005 and opened to visitors in 2010.

To open Thien Duong Cave to visitors, local tour operators built a four-kilometer road from the foot of the mountain to the cave. Tourists can walk or use a tram, then continue to climb 524 rock steps to get into the cave. In the cave, they can see the mystical beauty of stalactite pillars with a diameter of 3-4 meters and heights of up to 100 meters, as well as strangely shaped stalagmites. These natural artworks have existed for millennia and have been given such names as Thach thien cung (Heaven’s Rock Palace), Thac thien ha (Galaxy Waterfall) and Den chum (Chandelier Lights).

To promote the beauty of the cave system, Quang Binh authorities will host the Quang Binh Cave Festival this summer. The main activities will take place at Phong Nha and Thien Duong caves while other events will be held in Dong Hoi City, Bo Trach District and some other places in the province.

Cultural and historical sites in Quang Binh such as Dong Hoi Citadel, Heaven’s Gate, and the Temple and Mausoleum for Nguyen Huu Canh, who reclaimed the southern land more than 300 years ago, are considered impressive places for visitors.

The province’s 116-kilometer coastline boasts smooth white sandy beaches, which provide ideal places to spend a vacation.

Saigon-Quang Binh Tourist Company, a subsidiary of Saigontourist Holding Company, is the companion for visitors to Quang Binh. The company manages the four-star Saigon-Quang Binh Hotel, Saigon-Bao Ninh Resort and Saigon-Phong Nha Hotel.

Located near the Nhat Le River, Saigon-Quang Binh Hotel has 95 rooms and provides a wide range of services, especially tours for visitors. Its well-designed, luxurious Phuong Dong Restaurant is open around the clock and serves Vietnamese, Asian and European dishes. The hotel’s system of conference halls for 20-400 people has been assessed as the most modern facilities of their kind in the province.

Saigon-Bao Ninh Resort, located by Bao Ninh Beach, operates five bungalows — built as traditional Vietnamese-style houses with wood carvings — which are suitable for groups of guests or newlywed couples enjoying honeymoon getaways. Food options include weekend dinner buffets, with delicious dishes highlighting all regions of the country.

Saigon-Phong Nha Hotel, situated by the Son River, has 16 well-equipped rooms and a restaurant which serves local specialties such as Phong Nha eel and Son River shrimp.

Source: The Saigon times

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