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More Asian travelers to Vietnam tour

2012-01-16 (GMT + 7)

A Visa survey on world travel in 2011 indicates 24% of international tourists who plan to Vietnam tour in the coming time come from Singapore and Thailand.
There were over 11,000 travelers from 23 countries and territories surveyed from February and March last year.

Beautiful natural landscapes, appealing package tours and the stable political environment are the three key factors making Vietnam an ideal destination for foreign tourists over the next two years, according to the survey.

Overseas travelers are keen on outdoors activities and gourmet tours so that they can get a feel of bustling nighttime life and delicious specialties in Vietnam.

The survey found 64% of tourists are willing to pay a premium price for culinary delights, and 63% want to discover major tourist destinations and take cultural tours.

Around 40% of tourists are interested in traveling on their own in Vietnam, said Lorijon Bacchi, director of Visa in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Most of the travelers who visit Vietnam have already toured Asia’s tourism destinations namely Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. Those visiting Vietnam have not come here over the past two years.

This group of customers expects to cut their spending when in Vietnam. They also want discounts when using credit cards or withdrawing money at local ATM machines and tour booking procedures to be simpler and quicker.

Source: SGT

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