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Mekong Delta cruising

2010-10-13 (GMT + 7)

Traveling by ater-way is one of the unique advantages of Mekong Delta provinces. Recently, cruise tours on Mekong River, a new Vietnam tour product in the region have attracted more visitors.

The Mekong Tourism Association said that the region has a potential in water-way travel but it has not yet been developed due to the lack of standardised tourism infrastructure and services.
It is difficult to find good hotels in the region even in Can Tho City because there are only a few five star hotels.
In addition, tourist services in rural areas remain poor so tourists have to return to Ho Chi Minh City instead of staying there for longer holidays.
Touring on small boats and ships along the Mekong River, tourist can enjoy traditional singing or visit floating markets and tourist places.
However, the tours on these boats are always launched over a short time and some boats are lacking in basic safety equipment.
The appearance of luxurious cruises creates a new character on the rivers in the region. Bassac Cruise is one of the oldest cruises in the region.
At present, there are more cruises on the rivers such as Mekong Eyes, Mekong Feeling, Pandaw Cruiser, La Marguerite, La Cochinchine and others. They are equipped with modern facilities and provide high standard of services to visitors.
Visitors on these cruises can enjoy both Western and Vietnamese dishes and typical food in the region.
These cruises can offer different entertainment for tourists such as libraries, entertainment rooms and cafes and, importantly, cruises are equipped with safety equipment. Visitors can take part in sporting activities such as canoeing, rowing, kayaking or cycling bikes to explore the region.
These cruises also offer 7-8 day tours from Vietnam to Cambodia upon tourists’ demand.
New tourist products on the Mekong Delta region are expected to attract a lot of tourists in the coming time.

Source: DNSG

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