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Hue Travel woos greater investment

2010-12-06 (GMT + 7)

Hue travel is on the hunt for infrastructure, property and tourism investment.

Hue Department of Planning and Investment director Nguyen Van Cao said investors who wished to build their manufacturing bases in the local industrial zones would enjoy shortened licencing process which now takes only seven days.
Among the province’s seven industrial zones, the Chan May-Lang Co Economic Zone has been the most attractive to investors. Since January 2010, it has attracted 28 investment projects, bring the total number of projects in the economic zone to 35 worth VND32.017 trillion ($1.64 billion) for Vietnam travel in total registered capital.
In 2011 Chan May-Lang Co Authority strives to bring disbursed capital amount to VND3.5-4 trillion ($170-$200 million) and attract VND5 trillion ($250 million) in committed capital.
Alongside infrastructure, Hue travel was also taken as one of investment priorities playing a core role in the province’s economic development.
With support from Singapore-based Akitek Tengarra consulting firm, the province has compiled a list of 10 key tourism projects which will be prioritised for attracting investment during 2010-2015.
Developing comfortable residential areas which still preserves traditional values is also a core investment orientation from 2010-2020 in the province.
The following is 10 prioritised key projects in developing Hue travel:
1. Integrated agriculture-tourism residential complex: Total construction area will be around 200,000 square metres. About 2,000 houses carrying Thua Thien-Hue traditional architectural style will be built to feed the demands from wealthy overseas Vietnamese who want to return home together with families. Estimated residents: 4,000 people.
2. Residential complex combined with eco tourism: Holiday homes will be built within residential complex targeting the rising middle class who want to sojourn in a tranquil place to escape the hustle bustle in the metropolis. Total construction area will be 200,000sqm.
3. Phu Bai Airport: Runway will be accessible to A300 aircraft. The airport-designed under Hue traditional style, can also be served as goods transit centre.
4. Lap An Lagoon ecological village: 12 Hue-style mini-hotels will be built on a peninsula while 500 three-star villas will be built in a hill on the back of existing village.
5. Vinh Thanh floating hotel: A hotel with 50 rooms and top-of-the rank food and beverage services will stay afloat at Truong Ha bridge site. The hotel is to be made of wood and bamboo materials following Hue traditional style.
6. Thuan An floating hotel: A three-star floating hotel with 50 rooms and other onshore facilities. It is also made of wood and bamboo materials.
7. ‘Venice on rice fields’ on Cau Hai Lagoon: A breakthrough project with a total construction area of around 200,000sq.m. Work involves building a hotel in central area, 2,000 apartments and associated food and drink shops. Small contractors will be invited to join bidding. Successful ones will work with fixed designs with clear quality instructions.
8. Bach Ma Hill resort: Existing villas will be restored to their original French designs targeting affluent people. Work involves building a five-star 200-room resort, a five-star 500-room hotel under Hue traditional style, a craft village, 500 luxury villas, and a trade and service centre.
9. Luong Quan artistry village: Surrounded by a big lake. Construction involves 150 interconnected four-star villas (150sqm each), an artist village with 50 studious (100sqm each) and a bamboo-made 2,000sqm art museum to handle large-scale art exhibitions. The village also includes 20 restaurants featuring Thua Thien-Hue food and other beverage services over 5,000sqm.
10. M.I.C.E - convention, communications and art performance centre: The centre floor area must be sufficient to accommodate workshops up to 2,000 participants. Work involves the construction of a four-star hotel with 1,000 rooms, a one-star hotel with 500 rooms, and a school training communication skills.


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