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Ha Long Bay likely to win, director of New7Wonder

2010-10-14 (GMT + 7)

Defeating 440 competitors in the vote for the seven natural wonders of the world, Ha Long Bay, has been voted in the list of 28 and likely to win in the list of new seven wonders, said Jean-Paul de la Fuente, director of the New7Wonder during a current visit to Vietnam.

Reporter: Is there any difference between the final round, to vote for seven natural wonders of the world, and previous rounds, sir?
Jean-Paul de la Fuente: Previously, people could only vote through emails for the whole seven wonders. At the final round, they can vote for only one wonder through SMS or phone calls.
Could you predict the winning capacity of Halong Bay?
I could not predict the future. However, I thought that the opportunity for Halong Bay is very high, it depends on the vote of each Vietnamese.
After winning in the vote, will the seven wonders follow some certain regulations, sir?
Each competition has it own regulations and the New7Wonder is not in exception. However, these regulations mainly aim to encourage wonder protection. For instance, to the seven man-made wonders of the world voted in 2007, the NewOpenWorld, organizer of New7Wonder, will send inspectors to there in 2012. In case that they uncover that the wonders are changed or severely downgraded, affecting to their images as well as natures, the organization will host a vote to seek for new wonders.

Source: Sai Gon Giai Phong

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