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German Year in Vietnam promises many attractive programs

2010-01-21 (GMT + 7)

To mark 35 years of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Germany, the year 2010 has been chosen as “Vietnam Year in Germany” and “German Year in Vietnam” with many programs demonstrating comprehensively and profoundly the economy, art, culture and tourism of the two countries.

There will be four themes in “German Year in Vietnam”, environment, urbanity, arts and discussions, aimed at giving Vietnamese people an insight into Germany.
The themes of environment and urbanity will mention urban projects, traffic, architecture, environmental protection and climate change, and the two themes will be presented via seminars, exhibitions, fairs and meeting events with experts.
The theme of arts will bring Vietnamese people images of Germany which is always creative, dynamic and energetic in cinema, music, photography, dance and fashion. Finally, the theme discussion will give Vietnamese a chance to have exchanges with Germany.
German culture will be presented via classical and contemporary concerts, film festivals and painting and photo exhibitions. There will also be conferences on water and forest economy, sustainable urban development, immigrants and cultural preservation.
This is also a chance to build up a discussion place for German enterprises in Vietnam in general and with Vietnam  tourism in speicific. 


( Source: Saigon times)

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