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Dutch Government supports investment in Halong Bay

2012-02-06 (GMT + 7)

The Dutch Government has decided to invest in the newly completed Life Heritage Resort Halong Bay, with the goal of generating sustainable job opportunities for Vietnamese in the tourism sector.

Life Heritage Resort Halong Bay, the four-star resort, which celebrated its grand opening on Nov. 4, 2011, is a collaborative venture between the owners of Life Resorts Vietnam and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI).

Established to provide financial support to groundbreaking investment projects in emerging markets, the PSI currently sponsors the progress of numerous small business and rural enterprises around the globe.

“Our main goal in joining resources with Life Resort Halong Bay is to have a positive impact on sustainable economic development by offering job opportunities and valuable training that we hope will translate into higher incomes for the local people,” said Mrs. Saskia Jongma, member of the board of NL EVD International, which is implementing the PSI.

Life Heritage Resort Halong Bay marks the PSI’s first major cooperative project in Vietnam, as well as its first foray into assisting the country’s tourism industry.

Following more than half a year of on-the-job staff training, Life Heritage Resort Halong Bay sailed the first of its fleet on overnight cruises last October.

(Source: CPV)

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