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Diving to discover Mun Islet

2010-07-02 (GMT + 7)

In Nha Trang Bay, Mun Islet, a marine-conservation area, is suggested as an ideal destination for scuba diving to explore marine life. The island has thousands of species of colorful sea fauna and flora.

After ten years of conservation, the site has become a must in itineraries for Nha Trang, attracting a large number of foreign and local tourists every day.
One aim is to preserve biodiversity. There are rare sea creatures. Another aim is to help residents enhance their lives through tourism.
The highlight of Mun Islet is that it has the most various and abundant coral in Vietnam.
The islet is about 10 kilometers from Cau Da Wharf in Nha Trang City. Tourists will be instructed on how to use scuba and on techniques in emergency. Experienced divers will be able to go to a depth of 10-30 meters, over one or two hours. First-timers will be accompanied by instructors and allowed diving in coral to 6 meters, within a certain area.
Divers will see rock caves and coral ranges and swim with fish.
“At first, the scuba diving in Mun Islet attracted just foreign tourists, but now many Vietnamese travelers are excited by this game. Many of them come back to the islet with all their family,” said Nguyen Tan Thanh, a local diving instructor.
For those who cannot dive or have not much time, there is a tour in a boat with underwater windows.


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