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Dalat travel attracts more tourists

2011-06-07 (GMT + 7)

For years, Dalat has been listed as one of the most safe and best tourist sites of Vietnam tour, due to its poetic scenery, environment and service quality.

Tourists to Dalat don't have to worry about product prices or room rates even during holiday, festival and peak seasons. There are no thieves or beggars in Dalat. Local people don't have to lock their bicycles in public spaces. The poetic beauty, old scenery and clean environment have satisfied any tourist to this place.

Dalat was discovered and constructed during late 19 century by French people. It was formed in early 20 century. Lying at the height of 1,475m above sea level, Dalat climate is as cool as climate of temperate zone. Although there are two specific seasons in Dalat in a year which are rainy season (from April to November) and sunny season (from December to next March), Dalat still have light sunshine all over the year. That why it is called a city of spring.

Dalat has many names such as "Dalat- a city of love" or "Dalat-a city of thousand flowers". However, Dalat is featured by flowers, lakes, water falls and valleys. No where in Vietnam have flowers been grown as much and beautiful as in Dalat. Flowers seems to be appeared every where (in the shade under pine trees, stone slope, roads, street corners…). Each flower has its own love story and legend.

The system of diverse lakes, water falls and valleys has beautified Dalat scenery. Visiting Xuan Huong Lake, Golden Valley, Love Valley, Tuyen Lam Lake, Than Tho Lake, Cam Ly Water Fall, tourists can feel the marvelousness of natural landscape.

Dalat is also very attractive for tourists because of its high tech agriculture. There are many clean and safe vegetable gardens in Dalat. Figures from the Lam Dong Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center shows that Dalat produced approximately 1.27 billion tonnes of vegetables in 2010. Its vegetables and fruits are not only consumed domestically but also exported to other countries such as China, Singapore and Japan. A part from vegetables and fruits, Dalat flowers are also an export product. In 2010, Dalat exported 155 million of flowers to high-grade markets including Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, China and India. Export flower turnover totaled US$16 million in 2010.

It is possible for Dalat to organize various tours at the same time such as relaxation tours, eco tours, cultural-festive tours, sport tours, conference tours and study tours. Currently, the city has paid special attention to promoting relaxation and eco tours. Besides, it has encouraged and created favorable conditions for travel agents to exploit adventure tours (mountain biking, rock climbing, water fall canoeing), community based tours (tours that live with the community of ethnic minorities or discover culture of ethnic minorities), vegetable and flower cultivation tours, coffee harvest tours. These tours have not only exploited effectively diverse tourism resources in Dalat but also maintained sustainable environment.

Source: VEN

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