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Chinese tourists to Vietnam increased over the same period last year

2010-01-27 (GMT + 7)

Tourism activities to welcome good signal in the first month of 2010 with the target are impressive growth over the same period last year.

Report of the Ministry of Planning and Investment announced bright 26/1 said that the number of international tourists to Vietnam in 1/2010 estimated at more than 416 thousand turn up 10.6% over the previous month and up 20 , 4% over the same period in 2009. In particular, visitors from Australia increased 26.3%, Canada 24.3%, South Korea 21.1%, Japan 3% ...
Special guests from the Chinese market with impressive growth, reaching 59 thousand turn up 94% over the same period last year.
According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the cause is because Vietnam has opened to welcome Chinese tourists by the passport back, and visitors from this market can go to 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam with the tourist card fee is only 10 USD and is flying on domestic air routes in Vietnam.
Also last month, many foreign tourist ships have chosen Vietnam as a destination Voyages of Discovery ship with 900 tourists, ship Spirit of Discovery 800 guests, 5-star vessel carrying 2000 tourists Costa classica ...
However, considering the means of transport, the number of international visitors to Vietnam in 1/2010 mostly by air, reaching 244 thousand weekly. Choose to reach by road only 67 thousand weekly.


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