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Change of air at weekends in Tan Trieu Pomelo Village

2009-12-24 (GMT + 7)

Located in Tan Binh Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province, about 40 kilometers from HCMC, Tan Trieu Pomelo Village with luxuriant pomelo gardens together with fresh air and stillness is recommended as an ideal destination for Saigonese to have a change of air at weekends.

From HCMC along Hanoi Highway heading to Bien Hoa City, tourists can reach the village by waterway or by National Road 24 for about four kilometers. The village lies on Tan Trieu Island embraced by the canals that receive water from the Dong Nai River. As the ground is flooded, locals cannot grow rice or vegetables but the island is fertile and the climate is rather cool and suitable to grow pomelo.

Tan Trieu pomelo comes in many kinds, each with its own aroma and taste, including sweet orange pomelo, guava pomelo, sour pomelo and some new kinds imported from other regions such as Nam Roi pomelo, Long pomelo and Xiem pomelo. No matter what kind they are, Tan Trieu pomelos are big and round and emit a light aroma.

Recently, with many people coming to the village, locals turn the pomelo garden into eco-tourism areas, of which the most striking is Nam Hue pomelo garden where visitors can experience food and drinks made from pomelo such as goi buoi (pomelo mixed with shrimp) and pomelo wine or juice.

“Tan Trieu goi buoi has its own tasty attraction by traditional ingredients and formulas. Makers have to mix sugar-green-skin pomelo with shrimp and spices such as chili, onion and peanut. Enjoy the dish with banh trang (griddle cake) and some wine pomelo in the windy garden for an unforgettable experience,” said Huynh Duc De, owner of the garden. Especially, wine pomelo is contained in ceramic jars made in the shape of pomelo trees.

Once visiting the pomelo village, travelers not only can pick pomelo trees but also take a boat trip along the canals under the shade of pomelo trees or go fishing. When you get home, do not forget to buy some pomelo as gifts for friends and family.

Source: VietNamNet/SGT

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