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Cable cabins to Fansipan to be built

2012-04-11 (GMT + 7)

Sapa Authority in Lao Cai Province said that cable cabins route to the Fansipan Mount, 3,143 metres height, will be built to serve tourists’ needs.

fansipanThe Province also asked for the Vietnamese Government’s permission to build a golf course to serve international tourists whose number will increase as the Hanoi-Lao Cai Highway construction is being completed, saving half of the travel time from Hanoi to Sapa in comparison to that of the present.
The above information was released on April 9th, at a ceremony to announce the Sapa Tourism Master Plan to 2030.
According to this plan, Sapa will be an international centre for tourism that can receive up to three millions of tourists a year.
Sapa is also expected to become an economic and cultural centre in the northern area of Vietnam, serving as a economic exchange area between northern provinces of Vietnam and the Southwest of China.
Source: Dan Tri

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