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Ba Na travel - an Ideal for Ecological Resort

2010-11-04 (GMT + 7)

We travel to Ba Na in a late afternoon. Fog was flowing anywhere. The air was a little bit cold. The 30- kilometre road from the centre of Da Nang to the top of Ba Na was quite smooth and flat but bendy and tortuous. Only drivers who got used to it dared to go there. Therefore, the manager board of Ba Na - Suoi Mo tourist area founded a truck group to take tourists from the foot of the mountain to the tourist area for security purposes.

In forest and mountain region, it seemed that the dark came earlier than usual. The night was peaceful, visionary and deep-lying. In the weak light of lamps, Ba Na was like in a dream. If you came here at weekends, you would have a chance to participate in camp-fire night festival. Sitting around the flickering fire, we were reminded of Ba Na in the foggy mountain.
 We stayed in Royal villa, a part of Ba Na By night resort. Its proprietor once wished to restore a forgotten ideal resort. Beside Royal villa, there were some other villas with romantic and unique names “Rose villa”, “Switzerland villa” which reflects the beauty of the villas themselves. Most of the villas were constructed in the old foundation. Wandering around the villa, we discovered an old wine cellar constructed in French style in 1923. It is still kept in original form. Spending some time in a bar, or staying under the vault of green leaves, listening to romantic music would make you feel relaxed.
Just like Sapa of Lao Cai province or Dalat of Lam Dong province, Ba Na had fresh air all around the year. One day in Ba Na has four seasons. In the morning, it was cool. We prepared for the forest tour. From Ba Na By night resort, we took a telpher lift to Nghinh Phong mount. The telpher system here was 800 metres long, operated in 2000. This project was the largest, the most modern and the safest with equipments imported from Australia. You could enjoy the scene, watch the fog flowing from the cabin and contemplate the beauty of the poetic forest. Behind Le Nim villa was a small path which led to the forest. Ba Na forest in the morning was marvelous with sparkling drops of water on the green leaves when the sun shined. The primeval forest covered the entire mountain from the edge to the top, all the sides of the God mountain. This was also biggest primeval tropical forest that existed in the centre Vietnam. The biological diversity of Ba Na forest was shown in a lively way. Many kinds of trees were arranged into stratums, varied according to the height. Above 1000 meters are pine trees, pedocarpus fleurgies. Below 1000 meters are hazelnut, and small bushes. Flowers here were beautiful and wild. If coming here in summer, tourists would contemplate kinds of orchid in bloom. The animals in Ba Na were quite diverse with 256 kinds. 44 kinds were rare animals which names were written in Vietnamese Red Book: Tiger, leopard, deer, etc.
We also visited some old French villas which were built with laterite. The walled were covered with enameled tiles. According to the tour guide, there were more than 200 villas of this type in Ba Na. They need investment to be restored and used for tourism.
The last part in the excursion was passing through a chain bridge to climb up the God mountain, which was 1487 meters above sea level. In cloudless day we could discover the beauty of Da Nang travel, Quang Nam delta from the mount.
Traveling to Ba Na, tourists enjoyed not only the fresh air, relaxing atmosphere but also beautiful scene which was hardly seen in any other resorts.

 (Source: VCCI)

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