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Ba Den Mountain: creative architecture of nature

2009-11-27 (GMT + 7)

Those visiting Tay Ninh Town for the first time cannot restrict their curiosity and craving for a famous cultural and historical site of the South, Ba Den Mountain, the most striking mountain in Nui Ba. Conquering the 986-meter-high mountain, which is considered the “roof” of Southern Vietnam, is a stunning experience.

About ten kilometers northeast of Tay Ninh Town and straddling three communes, Ninh Son, Tan Binh and Thanh Tan, the Nui Ba Complex stretches out over 24 square kilometers and comprises three mountains, Heo (Pig) Mountain, Phung (Phoenix) Mountain and Ba Den (Black Lady) Mountain. With a system of grottoes, numerous
religious works in harmony with the forest and century-seasoned trees, the relic attracts many tourists and pilgrims every day.

Climbing Ba Den Mountain is a chance to be closer to nature and get some good exercise at the same time. The feeling of defeating the mountain is a joyful one.

The path zigzags through splendid surroundings and under the shade of green trees that protect your skin from the scorching sun. From the peak, trekkers are treated to a perfect view of the valley that immediately relieves the fatigue of the climb.

To get down the mountain, trekkers can take a grass slider trip. It is safe as the slope is gentle and tourists can control the brake of the slide.

Also, a round trip cable car ride between Ba Temple and the mountain is VND50,000. Soaring on the cable car, tourists catch a view of a sparking waterfall under the glistening sun, mysterious caves and dense forest.

The Ba Temple Complex includes old pagodas such as Ha Pagoda, Thuong Pagoda and Hang Pagoda and caves such as Ba Co Cave, Thien Thai Cave and Ba Tuan Cave. All present typical features of Buddhist culture and folk beliefs. Upon reaching the site, tourists can explore the biodiversity here and the folk spiritual life of local Vietnamese.

Tay Ninh is about 100 kilometers from HCMC. To get to Ba Den Mountain, take a bus from Ben Thanh Station to Go Dau and another from Go Dau to Long Hoa. On a motorcycle, take Xuyen A Road.

Source: VietNamNet/SGT

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