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Ba Be recognised as the largest lake of Vietnam travel

2010-11-23 (GMT + 7)

Vietnam will apply for the inscription of the Ba Be lake   on the Ramsar List of Westlands of International Importance, the government said Saturday.

A report on the government's website said the Ministry of Natural Resources will apply for the inscription in accordance with the Ramsar Convention – an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands.
The Ba Be National Park in the northern province of Bac Kan was established in 1992, with the 500-hectare Ba Be Lake at its center. The park is home to 299 animal species and 417 plant species.
In 1995, the lake was named one of 20 in the world that needed  to be protected at a global lake convention in the US. The lake is also one of the Heritage Parks of the regional bloc ASEAN, the government’s report said.
The Ramsar Convention came into force in 1975. There are now 160 contracting parties, with Vietnam joining in 1989. The Ramsar List includes 1,904  sites, known as Ramsar Sites, with a total surface of more than 186.5 million hectares.

Ba Be lake travel information:
Ba Be lake is considered as one of beautiful destinations of Vietnam travel. Ba Be Lakes area has a lot to offer, including waterfalls, rivers, valleys, lakes, and caves all set amidst picturesque landscapes. Ba Be Lakes are surrounded by many ancient trees, from which several varieties of precious wood are obtained. Up to 30 animal species such as wild pigs, bears, panthers, monkeys, and birds inhabit the area.
Ba Be Lakes, located 145m above sea level, are among the largest natural lakes of Vietnam Travel with a total surface area of 500ha. The surface of the lake was tranquil – a beauty spot if ever there was one, in this land of so much beauty. Travelers will have an unforgettable stay in the mountains by the lakes, enjoying sightseeing boat trips, hikes, and water sports.
From Ba Be, travelers can visit other neighboring scenic attractions such as Dau Dang Fall, Puong Cave, and Tien Pond. Passing by Puong Cave (30m high, 300m long), cruise past the villages of Tau, Cam and Hua Tang, and navigate the way through the river’s forks and brooks, tourists will reach Dau Dang Falls. Catch the breath: it’s worth it. They fall, they drip, they cascade. Take a pick of superlatives. Take a pick of times of day for paying a visit. The falls laps over 1,000m on three levels, each bursting with energy from the mountains that help fuel them.

Source: Thanh Nien

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