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Activities to promote votes for Halong Bay launched

2011-08-03 (GMT + 7)

Various meaningful activities to promote votes for Halong Bay as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World will be organised in Vietnam.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hoang Tuan Anh, said that the propaganda will be made widely to vote for Halong Bay at this last important period. He added that the combination of Ministry of Education and Training, Hanoi Youth Union and Ho Chi Minh Youth Union will achieve a higher benefit in achieving more votes from students. Besides, Vietnamese Students Associations also played an important role in appealing to international friends for votes for Halong Bay in the program “One Student, One Vote”.

Also, to attract more votes from overseas, the Ministry will coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnamese Embassies in foreign countries or various foreign representative offices in Vietnam to call for more votes from overseas Vietnamese, students learning abroad and international tourists. Especially, during cultural and tourism promotion activities or sports competitions all over the world, several volunteers will be selected to make wide propaganda for voting abroad.

Besides, to facilitate the voting for Halong Bay among Vietnamese people, the New7wonders (N7W) website will launch the vote in Vietnamese version early this month. Removing language barriers will be a great opportunity for Halong Bay to gain more votes.

At present, Halong Bay is ranked 11th among 28 of the world’s landscapes in table G, thanks to a series of successful cultural, sports and tourism activities to promote voting.

Singer Ho Quynh Huong has been selected as the Ambassador of the voting campaign for Halong Bay since August.

Source: DVO

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