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Why Positive Travel?

Positive actions towards responsible travel

At Footprint, we do not want to see the people of Vietnam exploited nor do we want to see our country’s environment suffer from unsustainable tourism.

By treading lightly, we can minimize our impacts while gaining maximum enjoyment from your traveling experience. And when we leave, we will not only leave with an abundance of great memories but with knowing that as a visitor we have actually played a role in benefiting the area's we visited.

Protecting these destinations and working to keep them unspoiled will insure that you, your children and future generations will also have the opportunity to visit and learn. 

Getting you on side

  • First and foremost, it is important to realize that what you do makes a difference.
  • It doesn’t cost a lot and it doesn’t require a revolutionary adjustment. Small changes can add up to a significant overall positive impact.
  • You are not the only visitor to Vietnam - your impact on the environment is multiplied a million- fold by other people every year.


Before you go

Enjoying your time in Vietnam will be easy, and you will be also rewarded with a richer traveling experience by following the green guide of A, B, C.. to G.

  • Accept responsibility for the environment in which you travel.
  • Be aware of your impacts on society and the environment, and try to minimize them.
  • Choose tour operators who are more environmentally and culturally sensitive and tell their competitors that you didn’t choose them on this basis.
  • Don’t behave in a manner which would never be accepted at home.
  • Explain your reasons for behaving in a certain way to other tourists and to those working in the tourist sector.
  • Find out and learn more about the place you visit by not taking everything you see at face value.
  • Guide others who are not as educated as yourself by setting a good example through practical actions.
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