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Green Office

Start right from our daily habits

The Green Office practices was first introduced to Footprint in early 2008, the management and staff warmly welcomed the concept. In late 2009, the Responsible Travel Club (RTC) officially held it workshop with the support from Enerteam (Energy Conservation Research Center), Footprint staff of course took part in this workshop wtih many experience shared and lesson learnt with other staff of member company from RTC.

The actions that we daily committ are;

1. Electricity / Engery saving

- Using fan instead of aircon

- If aircon used, the temp should be over 26 dc.

- Laptops and LCD screen computers only.

- Turn off the screen and CPU when not use for more than 30 min.

- Compact lights instead of regular bulb lights.

- Walk upstairs in stead of lift

- Our staff are encouraged to travel by bus or bicycle to work

- We also love to use less plastic bags and purchase locals

- Signs to remind users on saving and more...

2. Water saving

- Water pipe leak management

- Signs to remind users on saving and more...

3. Paper saving

- Only print if neccessary, PDF version is alway available for compuper and cellphone view

- Print both side of the paper

- Print smaller brochure, business card, 

- Signs to remind users on saving and more...

And we've got a piggy bank for all kind of fines on Green Office

And here comes the RESULT:

We're now saving about VND1,300,000 per month ($US65) since our application of our Green Office, isn't this a good step to save money and to save our mother earth?