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Positive Actions towards Responsible Travel

A better way to travel

The idea of responsible travel has evolved out of concern about the negative impacts of mass tourism. Responsible travel aims to protect the environment and to respect people, their communities, and their cultures. The socio-economic benefits of responsible travel should contribute to improving the quality of life in host communities instead of creating the negative impacts that we see so often.

  • Why Positive Travel?

    At Footprint, we do not want to see the people of Vietnam exploited nor do we want to see our country’s environment suffer from unsustainable tourism. By treading lightly, we can minimize our impacts while gaining maximum enjoyment from your traveling experience. And when we leave, we will not only leave with an abundance of great memories but with knowing that as a visitor we have actually played a role in benefiting the area's we visited. Protecting these destinations and working ..
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  • What We Do

    Footprint strives to be a major player in environmental protection, sustainability and community-based tourism development in Vietnam. We believe that our experience and knowledge is a invaluable asset to those NGO's (both national and international) that seek to preserve the environment and reduce poverty with tourism. Thus, we are quick to jump on board and share the responsibliity and become an example for others to follow. Follow these links to know more about our responsible activities; ..
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  • How You Can Help

    Vietnam is now open to the World, we are so glad to welcome you all to our beautiful country. Enjoying your time in Vietnam will be easy, and while traveling with us, you can also be doing something active towards ensuring a long-term future for both tourism and the environment. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a richer traveling experience and the respect of the people of this fascinating country. We thank you for your support to our efforts in responsible tourism in Vietnam. Ple ..
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  • Our Partners

    Cooperation is key to the success of building a responsible travel community. Here are some of Footprint's closest friends, they are all leaders within the Tourism Industry in Vietnam, and famous International & Vietnamese NGO; Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam (RTC) for different tourism projects on environment and community.  More details
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