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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » Tour-with-Footprint » Travel-Equipment » Equipment provided by Footprint on a camping trip?

Equipment provided by Footprint on a camping trip?

Footprint will provide tents, cooking equipment and any other necessities needed for sleeping and cooking outdoors. Please check with your travel consultant to get a specific list of what is supplied, and what you have to bring with you on your trip to Vietnam.

What equipment is recommended to bring on our trip to Vietnam?
When adventuring in Vietnam with Footprint you need very little equipment. Footprint knows that much of the stuff you may need would be difficult to carry while you travel so we will supply everything for you. This applies for trekking, hiking, kayaking, canyoning, and climbing.

Please see the “what to bring list” at the bottom of all the detailed itineraries or ask your Footprint travel consultant.

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