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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » Tour-with-Footprint » Transportation » What if I wish to extend my visit while I'm in Vietnam?

What if I wish to extend my visit while I'm in Vietnam?

No problem, you can always extend your visit in Vietnam!

You are normally given a one month single entry travel visa, which lasts 30 days. If you plan on extending You should need to make your decision at least 7 days before your visa is expired as it normally takes about 2 working days to get your visa extended. Extensions are usually for another one month period. For longer stay visas or extensions, it may take about 7 to 15 days to get.

There are also 3 month tourist visas available at a reasonable cost when you enter Vietnam. Ask your visa provider about this option before coming to Vietnam when you are applying for your pre-approved entry visa letter. Then you do not have to worry about extending your visa when you here.

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