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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » Tour-with-Footprint » Tour-Planning » What does 'Vietnam Package Tour' mean?

What does 'Vietnam Package Tour' mean?

Package tours or all-inclusive tours are those that are pre-designed and pre-arranged for you to holiday with ease. Not only will you travel hassle-free with these package tours, you will save time dealing with the details before and during your trip. They have also been designed to save you money for your next holiday.

Our package tours normally include: all local tour guides, transfers, ground transportations and transfers, hotels and accommodations, entrance’s fees, travel permits and most of the meals.

Tip: Leave some free-days in your package tour so that you can try something different on your own that you might have missed when planning your trip. We will always be there to help you along your way if need be. 

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