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What are differences on tour prices between Standard, Superior, Deluxe?

The two main differences are the hotel classes and type of boats / junks in Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay" href="">Bai Tu Long Bay. Everything else will be at great international quality.

For hotels:

Standard means a tour is priced with lower priced rooms at hotels. Normally with economy class or 2 star hotels. Please do not expect too much in the way of amenities and service at the 2 star hotels in Vietnam.

Superior means inclusion of hotels ranging from 3 - 4 stars. This is a good quality hotel with a range of facilities, amenities and good service.

Deluxe price is often inclusive with high quality four and five-star Vietnam hotels. These are equipped with the highest quality amenities and international standards of service. With your trip to Vietnam equipped with these hotels you will ensure a fantastic holiday.

Footprint suggests using Superior hotels. We have had much feedback from our past clients from the hotels that we have chosen and the feedback has been great. These Superior packages will also save you money. Further the greater majority of the Superior hotels are Vietnamese owned, providing greater benefits to the Vietnamese community.

For boats / junks:

There are some main differences on the boat / junk types:

Space on the boat: with the standard option you would have to expect a small sized boat, and a smaller bedroom with an average sized sun deck. The Superior & Deluxe classes will have a larger sized dining area that is warm and cozy on cooler nights, and more importantly, increased comfort in your cabins (larger bed, bigger window) as well as a sun-deck (with comfortable chairs).

Toilet & shower: if you wish to have comfort and added privacy, the Standard boat will not be a good choice as the toilet is normally outside (shared bathrooms). However, the Superior class will offer a private bathroom in your cabin. Standards are even better in Deluxe class.

Facilities on the Superior and Deluxe boats are up-to-date and at an international standard. There is good air-conditioning in the cabins, fine toilet facilities whilst there is normally just a fan in the cabin on the standard boats.

Well trained, devoted and courteous staff will always make your stay unforgettable on the Superior and Deluxe junks / boats.

Tip: Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay is beautiful and we suggest you enjoy it on the Superior or Deluxe Junks. Paying a bit more will be worth every added cent you pay on this once in a lifetime experience.

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