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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » Tour-with-Footprint » Safety » How long will it take to evacuate an incapacitated client?

How long will it take to evacuate an incapacitated client?

In the major cities, in rush hour, a patient would be in a clinic in under an hour. All evacuations depend on the situation and it is very hard to determine the length of time to get a patient or patients out. In the wilderness, depending on the difficulty and resources, it could take up to one day to have a patient evacuated to a place where transport could be waiting.

The major tekking centers in Vietnam are Mai Chau and Sapa. The hospitals emergency contacts and addresses are as follows. These hospitals are equipped to handle emergencies.

In Sapa: Sapa Medical Clinic, Cau May Street, Sapa Town (Xom 3 Thi Tran Sapa). Phone: 020-871237

In Mai Chau: Mai Chau Town Hospital. Phone: 018-867244

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