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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » General » Weather » What is it this like to travel in monsoon season; will it cause trouble for us?

What is it this like to travel in monsoon season; will it cause trouble for us?

During the monsoon season (usually between June, July and August) some heavy rain affects the North. Not so much in the South of Vietnam. Typically, clouds come just suddenly with strong winds and make the sky dark. The rain pours down from 1 to 2 hours then leaves the air cool and fresh with the sun shinning. At times there is minor flooding in places like Hanoi however, it is not serious and usually subsides in a matter of minues. 

You will enjoy less people traveling at this time, and might get some discounts for your Vietnam tours and services. Be aware however, as you might get stuck somewhere (never more than a couple of days) due to the hard rains and typhoons.

Some short tours to the North and South are recommended but we need to take the weather into account. We strongly recommend spending extra time in Central Vietnam for a beach holiday during the monsoon season. The magnificent coral sand beaches and great sites like Hue, Hoi An, and My Son are fantastic areas to visit.

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