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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » General » Weather » How hot is that in the summer?

How hot is that in the summer?

The temperature in Vietnam is high. The annual average temperatures range from 22 oC to 27 oC. However, the average temperature is different in every place.

In Hanoi the average temperature is 23 oC. During summer time it can reach up to 35 oC or more.

In Ho Chi Minh City 26 oC is the average, and summer will vary from 30 – 35 oC.

In Hue and Danang the temperature is around 29 – 36 oC.

Some places like Dalat and Sapa have a maximum temperature of 20 oC in the summer, with temperatures dropping, on accoasion, as low as 0 oC.

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