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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » General » Weather » When is the best time to travel Vietnam?

When is the best time to travel Vietnam?

Vietnam stretches over 1,800km up the eastern coast of the Indochina peninsula and has various climates throughout the region.

Winter season lasts from November to April in the North with temperatures averaging 16 oC. The rest of the year is considered summertime with heavy rainfalls and occasional storms.

The rainy season lasts from May to October in the South. However, it rarely rains the whole day. It gets dry after rainfall as quickly as it comes. The dry season is generally from November to April.

The central parts of Vietnam are affected by the South West monsoon season coming from Laos during May.

June experiences a muggy heat and sometimes produces typhoons and tropical storms.

During November and December there is sometimes long lasting rains. Despite of this fact the months of November and December are constantly considered the peak period for incoming tourists.

January and February are still occasionally cloudy and rainy.

The best time for a long Vietnam tour from North to South would be from January till April. For those who wish beach holidays can come to enjoy warm water and sunshine in the central coast during summer time - from May to October.

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